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Double-Showers Attract Extraterrestrial Attention

Recent Dual Shower Head Purchase Causes Fright

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Bitty Smithers was arrested Tuesday morning but released once officers heard her amazing tale. Neighbors saw Bitty running naked down the street mid-morning, screaming hysterically about green aliens in her shower. Apart from the public indecency, neighbors were baffled by the strange tale that Bitty told once she had calmed down.

As Bitty explained, Henry, her husband, had already left for work when she went in to take a shower in the couple's newly remodeled bathroom. She removed her clothing and walked into the bathroom suite where to her great fright, she found 3 aliens standing under the high pressure flow of their double head showerheads. It took Bitty a moment to realize that the ear piercing screaming she heard was coming from her. Without thought to her state of undress, she ran from the bathroom and out of the house into the street, screaming all the while.

When police arrived, they wrapped Bitty in blanket and then attempted to get the story from her. Local police officials declined to be interviewed for this story but the neighbors were more than happy to tell us what happened.

Next door neighbor, John Johnson, after hearing Bitty's incredible story, ran into the house and found the aliens still standing in the shower. According to John, they "were really enjoying the experience. You could just tell that having dual shower heads was something special for these travelers. And I guess so. After all, they traveled across the galaxy to take a shower under these Geissdorf 6 Jet Dual Shower Heads!"

John snapped a photo before picking up a bottle of fragranced bath oil, opening the cap and thinking it couldn't hurt, squirting the contents into the shower. The aliens shrieked and John says he is unsure exactly what happened, but one moment they were there showering and the next, they had vanished.

Officials will not corroborate Bitty's story, but John is quick to defend her. "Bitty is a straight up kinda lady. And besides that, I saw them aliens with my own two eyes. Are you calling me a liar?!"

Several different nationally known alien experts contacted us with the same thought - the aliens were attracted to the easy to install dual arms with deluxe shower heads and traveled from light-years away to experience it for themselves.

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Bitty and her husband had recently purchased new Euro RainShower Showerheads with individual flow control valves from Bitty explains,"we have been in the process of remodeling our master bedroom and bathroom suite and in the midst of this extensive remodel, we purchased a dual shower head. The way my husband figured it, if one shower head was great, two shower heads would be even better! And since we have a large shower, I would have to agree with him. We save money by showering at the same, uhh.. never mind!"

When asked if they would be trading their high flow double shower head for a run of the mill, single shower head, Bitty was very emphatic. "Absolutely not!! I don't care if them aliens come back again one more time or even 10 times more. My shower is worth a daily alien visit, not that I want that of course. And this time we're prepared."

Bitty pointed to the fire extinguisher mounted on the back of the bathroom door. "Henry tinkered with this and refilled it with perfumed body oil. It might be great for humans but the aliens hate it! Now if they come back, all we have to do is turn this lever here and use the handle to hose them down."

Bitty also took us to the guest bathroom to show us her other recent upgrade - a combination dual shower head set consisting of a RainShower shower head and a Geissdorf 6 Jet shower head. Bitty was nearly giddy about this shower. "Our guests can experience a gentle shower with the full body spray of the RainShower head or they can opt to massage aching muscles with the powerful spray of the Geissdorf 6 Jet Shower Head. It's definitely the best of both worlds and I confess to slipping in here from time to time to enjoy this shower as well."

Surprisingly, we did not see aliens in this bathroom although Bitty did state that one night earlier in the week, she and Henry thought they heard the shower running in the guest bath but ended up just going back to sleep. "For all I know, those aliens were in here then enjoying my dual shower heads!"

We were so enthralled by the Smithers' amazing showers that we asked - where did they purchase them from? Bitty was excited to show us just where. "! And they sell all kinds of other bathroom necessities too. Towels, bath and body products, and enough different shower heads to furnish even all of Buckingham Palace's many bathrooms!"